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"Sometimes I’d like to make myself believe I’m able to stop the world from rotating just to hold the moment close in which we were able to meet. We are all living on the same planet, we are all sharing the same feelings hidden under the shades of adulthood, but yet we suffer from this suppressing shape in which society has pushed us. What defines our existence? Who exactly are we and what is our calling? Born as nations we are made of the minds of million of people, yet we are human ourselves and crave for the same feelings. Power, progress, inspiration, recognition, change, harmony, safety, love…Our hopes and dreams don’t differ from one another.

So let’s spread our wings and chase our dreams, as illusional they might be. Who knew back then we’d be able to touch the moon and go for the stars? We’re the world, together we have achieved so much and together we will be able to achieve so much more if we believe in us…And if you’ve lost faith in yourself remember that there is always someone there for you, no matter how far the distance. Someone will always wait and believe in you somewhere on the other side of the planet.

…I believe in you.”

Happy Earth Day everyone

Yeah, he does…A bit too much in my opinion. I mean, it’s not that I need to be taken care of, I’m an adult after all!

kawaii-sollux sent:

Can I just say that, I unfollowed many Hetalia blogs after I got into other things, but I could never unfollow you because you are one of my most favourite cosplayers <333 Seriously, one of the best blogs for Hetalia I ever followed, so, of course, I missed you!^^

((…A lot of time has passed and really, it’s hard to stay in a fandom considering the influx of other ones…In my opinion the Hetalia fandom is one that goes on forever, one that’s part of your reality since it’s a satire about personified countries. But that could also be the reason people start to get annoyed by it, because it’s just…always there. I’m really flattered you still follow me, even after all this time and all the hardships our Hetalia fandom had to endure…I just didn’t want to leave it behind! And neither did I want to abandon the people here who supported me. So..thank you for staying.))

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England definitely doesn’t have stacks of photo albums of me as a child. No. There is nothing to see here.


Hey, I meant to give this to you a long time ago. This is from tomato thief~ and yeah. Your absolutely amazing. And wonderful and all the other things you’ve said to me. Just thank you~ I showed you this before but it was horrid quality this one should be better.

AUKGUIKU *spazzes*
Thank you…!))


Hello my lovely friend, I’m Arthur Kirkland, probably better known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, short, UK. Some people call me England as well. I’d love to interact with you, so why don’t you join me for some tea and a nice chat?

Did you know that words are magic, and the combination of words are the spell? Words can create the smallest to the tallest things, a little flower to an entire universe. We can decide which universe we want to chose, which one we want to live in, and we all can create our own world for our own. Sometimes we need help to fulfill our dream of our own universe. So, why don’t we build one together?

Hey there Hetalia-Fandom! I struggled for a long time and wondered if I really should make an Arthur/England-RP blog. But after I realized how much I miss it to RP and to be creative in the Hetalia-Fandom I decided to give it a try! So I’d be happy if a few of you would like to interact with me! Just send me a message or an ask and I bet we can create something beautiful together!

(Art by Bliss)

((My friend here is awesome and she helped me out so, so much on my cosplay replies. I’d love to help her out a bit, too. SO PROMO-TIME! Shoot her some questions! ))

turtlelikelemon sent:

asdflkasjd!! i missed you so much!! ;A;

((SHIT YOU DID? That is so adorable, omg…I didn’t expect people to miss me, sorry.
Thank you.))

Well, sometimes we like to take care of England’s dog, Ignatus, together.
He approves. Not sure if England does, though…

askcosplay-prussia sent:

glad to see your face on my dash again after so long :33 )))

((Y-yeah well, I am glad to be able to come back,I’ve been thinking of doing so long ago, but I was so afraid to kill my blog with bad quality gifs and such,I just care too much about this one here and as a result I just didn’t do anything…I’m so thankful that my friend offered me to help me out with my damn old technology. I really had a hard time maintaining the quality of my gifs with the camera (webcam, cellphone) I got. I’m not sure, I think it’s really important to me.
Thank you for your friendly welcome back! ~))

He often makes fun of me, saying “how I always try to look more mature with them”, but in fact he’s just too peacocky to wear ‘em in front of me.

Anonymous sent:

Hi! Im starting my Alfred cosplay soon but I cant find a wig a good as yours, so may I ask where you bought yours?

((Hello there,anon! Well, I actually bought my whole cosplay on a site called Milanoo. I’m not sure how it is about now, but it was on a sale and therefore it was relatively cheap. It was shipped all together, with the wig, the gloves, the jacket and it was all taloir made! I really hope for you that this special is still available!
Good luck on your future Alfred  Cosplay! :)  ))

Anonymous sent:

//whispers Baby where ya at?

*whispers back*
I am back,
…from the dead.

HAHA, no shit sherlock,I can’t die, but it’s a nice quote, huh?

Now that everything at my home is settled I’m finally able to continue on this blog! A friend of mine “volunteered” to be my England today! So, here we are, ready to answer your questions!

Anonymous sent:



I’m already dressed up for the Oscar-gala. ~

((haha omg, like, what…!? x//D I guess I am proud of my achievement as a weirdo in a cosplay, ahahaha! ~ AND GODDAMN, I REALLY WISH LEONARDO DI CAPRIO RECEIVES ONE SOON AND IF HE DOESN’T I’LL GIVE HIM MINE THEN, BECAUSE DAMN.))

amwericaa sent:

ur soooo cute

America-mochi, is that you? 


Oh, hi there! Man, thanks for the compliment, haha! If I’m cute, then you’re sweet. Yeah, you probably are…

*licks lips, imagining how this giant mochi would taste like*