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I photobombed once. This is what I got compared to.

Please don’t.

Yeah, they do affect me. If it’s a harder one it even gets me emotionally. England sometimes refers to them as nervquakes.

Anonymous sent:

I fucking love you and your blog. You are precious

(<A< …u//u. Precious is such a big word…I’m glad you like my blog then, I was afraid it got forgotten! Thank you for your kindness. Have a nice day!)

Anonymous sent:

Can I just say this is the cutest ask Alfred blogs I've seen in a while? Ohmygoodness-- ;w; <333 Okay ignore me I'm weird I'm sorry agh 'k bai-- >////>" ^////^'

(…♥ No, I won’t ignore you! That’s such a sweet thing to say! Oh my goodness I think you really need to keep looking for other Alfred blogs, because there are so many great ones out there! But thank you very much for your compliment, it made my day ~ )

Got it.

"Stormy as ever…"
(It’s cool, no worries. ;D)

Anonymous sent:

What did the Chinaman give to his girlfriend for her birthday? A little plesent. (present)


Anonymous sent:

What did the gay Frenchman say to his boyfriend? "I want 'a 'penis" (Say happiness with a French accent. ))

Ahaha, shit ,that caught me off guard!
Awesome joke you told there, anon. Now I got one for you.
Read this one here out loud:
(The letters are pronounced individually)
Eye, M.A.P , ness.

….*stiffles laughter*

Anonymous sent:

*whispers* you are my headcanon alfred....................

…and you are my head-c-anon.
The c stands for cover, because damn you’re good at keeping it up, undercover agend-anon. *stares at the shades* ))

Anonymous sent:

((i love you and your blog so much i could cry oh jeez))

it is scientifically proven that crying releases contained frustration and serves as an outlet for stress. In which crying is healthy.

And thank you so much..! (♥) ))

I need to be more active on here..!!!

you’re all so amazing and so NICE AND SWEET AND FUNNY AND CREATIVE holy shit I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

don’t mind me. Ignore me. I just..needed to vent this. Ugh…

N-no, I didn’t, but I have this strange feeling that he wouldn’t mind it at all…
(In your dreams, England.)”

"That was…some time ago when we were trapped in this ominous mansion. It was like a nightmare…"

Anonymous sent:

Are you going to Acen?

((My cellphone never actually sends the reply *sigh*)
Acen? That’s one of the largest conventions in the United States, isn’t it? To be honest that would be an amazing opportunity to meet some of my followers and I would absolutely love to visit such a large convention! But as some of you know I’m from Europe and plane tickets are pretty expensive to overseas. I’ve got to work though and starting from September I’ll be busy with school again, so going to Acen will be away from reach for the next few years, unfortunately…If I were rich though…oh, behold, I’d travel the world and do so much more! Some amazing blogs on here have made a suggestion to meet up there even! I WISH I could go there though, but I can’t! If you are, enjoy it and take care if yourselves! > v