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Let yourself get carried by the wings of freedom

"What is happening? I don’t remember seeing my glasses break just like that! Ah, It hurts…

Texas…I feel that a change has been made, an important and historical Act has been eradicated…but yet they still hold onto an old fashioned perception! The government tried to suppress the rights of our fellow women due to a conservative and long outdated policy. Don’t they see that patriarchy is a persistent thought of dominating the other gender? They’re trying to walk down the road of inequality. The patriarchal governors and their supporters are a splinter to the eyes of the democrats and slowly becoming a splinter to my eyes, too…

But I will not close my eyes, not to such an injustice! I know that there are so many people out there who are still believing in our country, who are still believing in Texas and fight for their rights and gender-equality. This is what our modern life has to be, we need to stand up for ourselves. I’ll support you, fellow women, because standing up for human rights is essential to gain the respect of the ignorant citizen. We’re all human, therefore we shall all believe in humanity. Just as Thomas Jefferson phrased it:

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!"

People, don’t you see that this has to stop?”